10 Reason To Travel Solo

10 Reason To Travel Solo


Many people find the idea of seeing the world fun and exciting but the fear of traveling solo has clipped your wings. I get it, the thought of leaving your country, state and comfort zone can be scary, especially going at it alone.  I do agree, solo travel can be intimidating, however, those who garner the courage to do it not only enjoy it but quickly discover it’s actually the best way to travel. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to travel solo:

1.     It Helps You Discover Yourself

For those of you who haven’t been able to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, traveling alone is sure to bring out the YOU in you. It will help you learn a lot about who you are and what makes you happy. You also get to focus on yourself and what you truly want without the interference of spouses, kids or friends.

2.     You Get To Explore At Your Own Pace

Nobody is there to control your movements and activities, you are free to visit as many places as you want, sleep as late or as little as you want and eat whenever and whatever your heart desires. You don’t have this much freedom when you’re traveling in a group or with a companion.

3.      You become more self-confident

The feeling of being able to navigate your way through the complex languages, diverse cultures and unconventional traditions of another country successfully can be really exhilarating. It is sure to make you more confident in yourself and your abilities when dealing with life’s little challenges while on the trip and back home.

4.     You Get To Enjoy Great Service And Opportunities

Solo female travelers especially are recipients of kind gestures such as an invitation to dine, party or participate in a ceremony or event from locals. Local hotels and restaurants also tend to be more compassionate with solo travelers and could offer room upgrades or discounts.

5.      Traveling Solo Makes You A Better Traveler

You become easily immersed in the language and culture of the people around you. You learn to be more patient and understanding with people, handle problems independently and pay more attention to your environment than you would if you were with a travel companion.

6.     You Learn How To Budget Effectively

This is an important life-skill which you can learn practically from traveling solo. You are solely responsible for your finances and time and can choose to manage it as you like without having to share expenses with someone who doesn’t share your views on budget or spending. You also quickly learn that budgeting poorly can end a trip sooner than anticipated. You learn to look for deals, curb impulsive spending and start to appreciate the free enjoy the free things in life.

7.     It’s An Invaluable Investment In Your Future

The skills you learn and experiences you gather from traveling solo can’t be acquired in any high school or university. Volunteer experiences and internships you undertake while on your trip can be added to your resume and can increase your networking opportunities. Experiencing other cultures make you more understanding of people different than you which make you a more compassionate person. You will also learn to make and stick to a budget, think outside of the box and be resourcful when under pressure. All things employers look for in a good employee.

8.     It’s A Great Time To Let Go And Move On

You probably have that ONE disappointment which you just can’t seem to get over, we all do. A trip alone can be a fantastic opportunity to heal, process and reevaluate your life. It can help you clear your head, inspire your heart and focus on developing new goals. Traveling shouldn’t be used as a method of running away from your problems, however, time away to clear your head can sometimes make it easier to make important decisions.

9.       You Get To work On Your Bucket List

Traveling solo may be your only option if no one else is willing to try certain things your heart is aching for and you have every reason to take the leap. You can be your own travel guide plus you can always make note of special spots you enjoyed on the trip to take your partner or friends on the next visit.

10.    And Then There’s The Storytelling Experience

Who wouldn’t want to share the escapades and travails of their solo expedition? I know I would. Family and friends would definitely love to hear all about it and you’ll get to create timeless memories sharing it with them especially when you’ve made the most of the trip. Plus, you’ll have some killer Instagram photos to look back on #memories.