6 Mini-Trips You Can Take Anytime, Anywhere

6 Mini-Trips You Can Take Anytime, Anywhere

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You’ve been wanting to take a break, and let’s face it, we could all use one of those from time to time. And there’s no better way to do that than by traveling. Now it’s scientifically proven that travel can reduce stress and fight depression, which will so benefit your mental and physical health. If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to get away, here’s one: you don’t need to travel far to have a great time and distress. Here are 6 mini trips you can take whenever you want, even on a dime.

Have a Staycation


It turns out that the best travel vacation you can plan is the one where you don’t go anywhere. That’s right! You can book a nice hotel or Airbnb in your hometown, walk around, and pretend you’re a tourist. These are the best mini-trips. Do some research first, and book one of those incredible free walking tours your city offers or hit up an amusment park you haven’t been to in awhile. You might discover that your hometown has a ton of history you never knew about. The best thing about having a staycation is that you get to take a break from daily life, but you also get to save money on traveling! You can even go incognito and tell your friends and family you’re out of town. That’s bound to lower your stress.

Fun Mini-Trips To Nearby Towns

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Travel to the city nearest to you. It might not seem like much of a vacation, but you could be in for a really nice surprise when you take a gander at some nice scenery. See if they have a historical tour, go hiking, or choose a restaurant with local history. You might learn something about that quaint little town that’s only 2-3 hours away. Best of all, you’re not likely to run into anyone you know, so, B-O-N-U-S! I love using sights like Groupon for this.

Take A Digital Detoxifying Vacay

Pick a weekend, find a natural park or reservation nearby, and pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere. But remember, in order for this to work, you need to leave everything behind. And by everything, I mean your laptop, smartphone, and any and all electronics. The whole point of this vacation is to disconnect yourself from the daily stress of picking up the phone, reading awful stories on social media, the news, and overall, being available online. Don’t worry! The world and your digital devices will still be there when you’re done hiking, camping, and breathing fresh air.

Go See A Concert

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Is your favorite singer or band playing in the next state over? Grab some friends, Or go solo and make a trip out of it. Seeing your favorite band is already cool but if you turn it into a mini vacay it’s a memory you surely won’t forget. Another cool thing about traveling for a concert is if your location sells out, you have several other options. Or, meet up with some friends from college you haven’t seen in forever and make it a girls trip! Don’t have anyone to tag along, that’s okay, you can go by yourself like I did. Here are a few tips on that!

Forget You’re A Local

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Must Visit 📍 The Queen Mary – Long Beach, California _ They say some of the best exploring can be done in your own backyard and I 100% agree with that. I’ve lived in California for over 30 years and Reese was born here. A great part of that time was spent living in Long Beach and do you know we had never visited the Queen Mary (Gasp 😱) _ That needed to change so we decided to book a night on board the legendary ship and spend the entire day exploring. _ There is sooo much to do on board this amazing ship! They have several places to eat and they even have a spa! While we were there we were able to catch the Princess Diana exhibit which Reese loved. _ The ship also offers several tours. We opted for the Grand Passport which included the Princess Diana Exhibit (no longer there), Glory Days Historical Tour, Haunted Encounters, 4D movie and access to the ship model gallery. _ Reese loved the Glory Days tour and my favorite was the Ghosts and Legends tour (although Reese was a little scared). Be sure to have a chat with your kids before signing up for any “haunted” type tours. I personally didn’t think they were scary but you might want to hold off on this tour if you think it might be too much for your kids. _ Another word of advice. Hold off on any ghost stories if you plan on spending the night. Reese had done her Youtube research before we got there and was a little concerned we might be sharing a cabin with 👻 lol. _ It took some major convincing to change her mind so this was one trip that almost didn’t happen lol. Once we were on board she had a great time and it was no longer an issue but at one point I thought we might end up sleeping in the car 😂😂 _ Either way, if you find yourself in Long Beach, this is a must! _ People we 💕 —> @courtneyblacher @reesealvarado @thequeenmary _ #365placestovisit #queenmary #thequeenmary #longbeach #lbc #thingstodoinlongbeach #longbeachcalifornia #queenmaryship #travelingwithkids #travelfamily #familytravel #travelkids #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #blackkidstravel #travelingkids #travellingwithkids #travellingkids #kidstravelblog @southwestair #SouthwestStorytellers #contest

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Take a week off. Then call your friends and ask them to join you and tour the historic areas of the coolest city ever… the one you’re all living in! Even the mall can be a happening place if you keep an open mind. Book a free walking tour that forces you to get better acquainted with the history in your own town. You get extra brownie points if you invite someone who doesn’t live in your town and explore the city as if you weren’t a local.

Plan A Trip-Based On Dough

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Go online or head on down to the nearest airport and pick a location that you can travel to that will only cost you a set amount, like $100 or $200, round trip. It’s spontaneous, which makes it a hundred times cooler. You might end up traveling to a city or state that you never thought about before, depending on which state you live in now, and that’s exciting all on its own. There are travel deals popping up all the time, and you certainly deserve to chillax. So what are you waiting for? Just do it!


Sometimes it's hard to plan a week away that's why I love mini-trips and try to take one at least once a month. If you think you don't have time for a quick getaway, check out these 6 Mini-Trips you can take at any time.