6 Ways To Save Money For Travel (With Your Current Salary)

6 Ways To Save Money For Travel (With Your Current Salary)

Six Tips To Help You Save Money For Travel

So you’re planning a trip, but you have to do one of the toughest things of all…save money! I know it might seem difficult, especially given the fact that you already feel like you’re financially stretched as it is but, it’s not impossible, trust me! Save Money For Travel

There are things you can do to pinch a penny here and there, and in the end, you’ll have what you need to take that trip you need so badly. Here are a couple of ways to do it. Start taking notes, or better yet, pin this post, because you’re probably going to need it in the future!

Create a True Budget That Everyone Can Follow

Suppose you want to take a trip to Europe, but it ends up costing you $4,050 on the tickets alone because you have a partner and two kids. Plus, you want a little spending money on top of it. Make that a lot of spending money…let’s be realistic! In that case, do a true budget by jotting down how much you spend on the light bill, Netflix, the newspaper, going to the movies, etc. This will give you a sense of what your budget is like and what you need to cut off in order to start saving. Make sure your account for everyone’s spending habits, not just your own. Once you know exactly where your money is going every month, write it down and keep that list handy. Let’s move on to step 2.

Save Money For Travel By Cutting Down On Your Grooming Regimens

So you need a haircut, some root touch-ups, a new weave, and a little trimming every month. Your kids and your partner, (should you have one) also need to get their hair cut quite often. But going to a salon and barber shop will set you back a ton of money every month. A single haircut could cost anywhere between $20 and $50 per month and that’s the nonfancy kind. If you’re doing the math with me, that’s over $100 for a family of four and $1,200 a year…solely on haircuts.

Now, I don’t recommend this for everyone but if you’re at all handy with the shears,  try cutting your own hair. If you’re REALLY good,  you can cut everyone else’s hair too. If you dye your hair, do it yourself. You’ll end up saving so much, you may never want to go back to your stylist.

Watch Out For Random Spending

Buying lunch on your break might not seem like a big deal, but when you add up the daily cost over a period of a month, you’ll see that you’re spending a lot. If a Big Mac meal at McDonald’s costs $5.99 and that’s all you order five days a week for a month, you’re spending $119.80 a month. Add to that your Starbucks run during your 15-minute break and that’s even more money. Start making your own lunch and cutting back on your Frap. If you give your children money to buy snacks at school, start making homemade treats, such as popcorn or granola bars.

Ditch The Car

Not only are you doing something incredible for the environment by driving less, but you’re also saving cash because you won’t spend so much on gas. Take a bike to work, to go grocery shopping, or to pick up the kids at school. Walk places whenever it’s possible. And if your job is too far away, then consider carpooling or using public transportation. It’s cheaper.

If you do find yourself in need a car every now and then, consider one of the rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. Both are pretty reasonable these days and available everywhere so you can get a ride from anywhere, at any time to anywhere at the click of a button. Enjoy your first Uber ride on me where you use this code.

Get Rid Of Cable TV

Save Money For TravelWe know that you’re dying to know what happens on “Game of Thrones,” but you’ll save a ton of money if you cancel your cable service. Don’t worry. You can always get your service back after you’ve spent a few days chilling during your dream vacation. Plus, if you can’t survive without it, you can still save money for travel all while watching your favorite shows on Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix. Pick up a Fire Stick or a Roku Box and you’re ready to cut the cord!

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Kiss Your Gym Membership Goodbye

You don’t really need to go to the gym to stay in shape. You can workout at home where it’s free! There are a bunch of workout videos, Zumba, kickboxing, and salsa dancing classes you can check out on Amazon. If that doesn’t do it for you, then grab your bike and ride around town or go jogging at the park. You’ll still burn calories, but you won’t burn a hole in your wallet.