The Hotel Beverly Terrace + National Wine Day: Yes Please!

The Hotel Beverly Terrace + National Wine Day: Yes Please!

Ladies, raise your glasses because next week (May 25th) is National Wine Day! As if you needed a reason to uncork a bottle. Go on, you deserve it! I love drinking wine, especially reds. When I get a moment to myself without Reese around, I really enjoy letting go and embracing the wine culture in Southern California. There are so many amazing wine bars here! Beverly Terrace

Hotel Beverly Terrace

If you love wine and want to celebrate uninhibited, might I suggest doing as I do on such an occasion and hiring a sitter for the weekend so you can spend time without the kiddos exploring Los Angeles and all the wine in it? One staycation I’ve embarked on before is to stay at the Hotel Beverly Terrace. It puts you right up close with Heritage Fine Wines in Beverly Hills, something you really shouldn’t miss. The Hotel Beverly Terrace is amazing too. You get free Wi-Fi so you can instantly Instagram all your awesome wine tastings once you’re back in your room. Plus, you get free breakfast, and the grounds are spectacular too, making for a peaceful place to relax at this chic hotel.

Beverly Terrace Beverly Terrace Beverly Terrace

That’s just one of many ways to do the wine staycation mom-style with your gal pals one weekend. There are many other ways to celebrate National Wine Day or to celebrate wine any day that you’re in Southern California. Here are my picks for the best of them!

Best Wine Bars

District Wine, Long Beach

Because this one is so close to my home, it’s really my preferred wine hangout. When I’m in town and someone else is in charge of Reese, I love to retreat here for the friendly service I get from the bartenders. Plus, the small bites are really good and a bit unique which go beautifully with the wine selections. It’s more than just cheese, though you can get a selection of cheese samplings. Things like pea tapenade and prosciutto bonbons are definitely interesting and delightful.

Vin De Syrah, San Diego

I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE this unusual edgy wine bar. The décor is so interesting and vibrant. It’s relaxed yet refined while being a bit hipster if that makes sense. Just go! Because when you do you’ll be in love too. The best part is that on Fridays and Saturdays, they offer wine tastings for $35. You get 3 full glasses of wine along with 3 food pairings. But this isn’t an ordinary, stuffy hoity-toity wine tasting. The sommeliers make the experience strange and fun. It’s definitely for the wine lover who loves to dabble in new things.

Seasons52, Costa Mesa

Beverly TerraceIt’s true that there are many Seasons52 locations from West coast to East coast, but it’s popular for a reason. The wine and good here are absolutely amazing. Small plates make for a great way to taste a lot without over-stuffing yourself. That way, you have room for their extravagant desserts. Their mini desserts are my favorite. I celebrate my 30-something birthday here and it was perfect!

BevMo – Bring the Wine Party to You

Beverly Terrace

Do you have little kids and can’t get anyone to watch them? Then wait until they go to sleep and order from BevMo so you can have your ultimate mom wine staycation in your own living room. Or you can have it delivered to your hotel room if you’re staying elsewhere. You can order whatever you want from them online but the best part is wines for just 5 cents. You buy one bottle and get a second one for 5 cents! I love doing this. It’s how I stocked up all my favorite red wines!

Heritage Fine Wines, Beverly Hills

I’ll end with the place closest to the Hotel Beverly Terrace. If you’ve never been to the area before, this is something you’ve got to do. It’s such a luxurious part of town and you’ll feel like a celebrity. They certainly treat you like one at their wine tastings and they have specialty organic wines you’ve got to taste to believe.

Happy National Wine Day! Cheers!