Question of the Day: Can you take snacks into Disneyland?

Question of the Day: Can you take snacks into Disneyland?

10 Must Haves For Visiting Disneyland Can you take snacks into Disneyland

Every now and then you guys will send me a tweet or ask me a question on Instagram. I love when you guys do this because it gives me content to write about. I figure, If you’re asking, other people more then likely want to know too. So, when someone tweeted me asking “Can you take snacks into Disneyland”? I thought I would do a post and tell you what snacks we love to take as well as a few of our other must-pack items for Disneyland!

As you know, Reese and I are Disney addicts. We crave it…kinda like a food lol. We’ve had annual passes since she was born (okay, we did skip one year to try Knotts) so needless to say, we go a lot ( Here, Here, Here and Here). After years of hanging at the Happiest Places on Earth, I’ve learned what to pack to make sure Reese and I have everything we need. So, here’s my list of, What to Pack for Disneyland.Can you take snacks into Disneyland

What to Pack for Disneyland: Snacks

Don’t get me wrong, we love Disney snacks. And we have our must-haves that we get every time no matter what, but sometimes, you want a little snack without having to stop to eat. I get asked all the time… “Can you take snacks into Disneyland”? The answer is Yes! Yes, you can, and I highly suggest it.

We pack things like granola or energy bars, dried fruit, nuts and pretty much anything else that’s light and that won’t need to be kept cold. We love to pack uncrustables in our backpack. We toss them in frozen and usually by the time Reese is hungry they are defrosted. Goldfish crackers are our go-to crunchy snack because they are healthier than chips. Can you take snacks into Disneyland

Drinks at Disneyland can get expensive and we often end up throwing them out half full since you can’t take them on rides. Frozen drinks like Honest Ice Teas are great because they can be frozen and you can drink them like a slushy in the early morning or let them defrost and you have a cool drink in the afternoon.  Can you take snacks into Disneyland

What to Pack for Disneyland: Sunscreen

Much of Disneyland is unshaded and lines can get long so that means you can spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. Getting sunburned is no fun, and neither is skin cancer. So, if you bring nothing else on this list but sunscreen, you will make me really happy.

We both have sensitive skin so we’re picky about what we can use. I also like ones that are waterproof and don’t come off on water rides or when we sweat.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Portable Battery Pack

If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of addicted to being online so being at Disney is no different for me. I still love to tweet, post fun pics on Instagram and I’ve even gone live a few times. It’s just fun, but all that fun can really drain your battery.

I always make sure my phone is on the best battery setting when at Disneyland. That usually means dimming the screen, turning off notification and emails and turning off Bluetooth and wifi.

Even with all that, you will probably still want a portable power pack. I got one of these recently and seriously, the thing was laughable the changing was so bad. I went through several which were all crap and would only charge for maybe 20 minutes before it needed to be charged too.

In a last-ditch effort, I found this one and this thing is a beast! It will charge my phone 2-3 times off one charge. I now only buy this brand when I need to replace them.

I have a few because I keep one in my car, one in my purse and one in Reese’s backpack.  I also loved this one because it charges the battery pack via solar panels which is good for me since I always forget to charge the battery pack itself.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Small (not big DSLR camera)

I made the mistake of taking my DSLR with me to Disneyland. Big mistake. It’s heavy, it’s bulky, and they’re a pain to deal with on rides. Unless photography is super important to you, leave the DSLR at home and bring a point and shoot, a GoPro or just your phone. Most cell phones these days take photos just as good as the big boys so that’s what I use. My iPhone 8 plus is AMAZING for on the go photos and I love the new portrait mode. Here are a few accessories that I use and LOVE for my iPhone. They really make my Disney pictures so much better.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Wet Wipes

Hands get sticky, you spill stuff, sometimes you just need to wipe your hands, and you don’t want to have to get out of line and find a bathroom when you do. I make sure to always bring wet wipes.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Hand Sanitizer

I’m kind of a germaphobe so Disneyland sends my anxiety into overdrive. I can’t visit the park without having hand sanitizer. Reese in loves it. I picked her up a few of her very own. She loves this one, this one and this one. They even have the small little ones you can attach to your bag. Can you take snacks into Disneyland you take snacks into Disneyland

What to Pack for Disneyland: Light Weight Jacket or Hoodie

It could be 90 degrees outside and you will find me still walking around in a hoodie because I’m always cold. I don’t leave my house without a jacket or a sweater, no exceptions. I absolutely LOVE this jacket, it’s really lightweight, has a hood in case it sprinkles, and will easily fit in my bag if I get hot. I can even tie it around my waist if I decided to not bring a bag. Reese loves her hoodies so I bring this one for her.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Backpack

I bring all of the above items in a bag that’s easy to carry. I swap between this backpack with anti-theft features and a USB charging port, and this crossbody bag because I love the color, its water resistant and will survive splash mountain and it’s large enough to fit my iPad.  These are my “Disney bags”. Everything stays in the bag in a closet and the only time it comes out is if I’m swapping bags or we’re headed to Disneyland.  That way, I know that everything is in it so I don’t have to go search, and we can head out the door ASAP.

What to Pack for Disneyland: A Disney App

Reese and I have a whole strategy when we go to Disneyland. We check our Disney ap before we even head to the park to see what the capacity is. If it’s decent we’re hitting the road. The first thing we do is head to get fast passes for whatever ride we want to do first. Then we’ll pick our next ride which usually has a smaller wait time. We try to get on 2-3 rides before heading back for our fast passes. There are several Disney apps out there, so test out a few and see which one you like. Our favorite paid Disney App is this one and our favorite free Disney App is this one.