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Outside of traveling, my other addiction is shopping. Sadly, the two don’t really go hand in hand especially when you’re trying to save for a trip. Nonetheless, I have embraced my retail addiction and am sharing it with you.

Here is a collection of things I absolutely adore and I think you will too. I update the list every Friday (“We’ll call it Courtney’s Friday Find’s”) lol. The cool thing is if you see something you like you can click right over and check it out (or even buy it!).

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This “The Perfect Friendsgiving” post was sponsored by Day Owl Rosé. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information on our sponsored post and/or affiliate link policy, please click here. Msg 4 21+ Tips For Planning The Perfect Friendsgiving When I got divorced, I was relieved at first. Don’t get me wrong. A part of me was sad it was over. But, I was so looking forward to a new beginning. And then it dawned on me. I had to spend the first holidays of the year without Reese since she was with her dad. I missed her terribly…

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