DIY Crazy Shake Made From Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake

DIY Crazy Shake Made From Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake

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DIY Crazy Shake DIY Crazy ShakeFood trends in recent years have gone too far. But I’m not complaining. I’m truly dazzled by how we as a country keep coming up with new ways to one-up already-amazing foods. Take the milkshake for example. It’s an iconic drinkable dessert, one that’s totally acceptable to drink while you’re eating your meal. Well, someone had the brilliant idea of during it into a crazy shake and now, the traditional milkshake just seems kind of ho-him. DIY Crazy Shake

Never had a crazy shake? I hadn’t until recently when I went to Black Tap in New York City. It’s a delicious, creamy milkshake just as you know and love it but topped off with some other type of dessert on top of it. It’s so decadent, yet such a simple concept that you could do this at home. DIY Crazy Shake

DIY Crazy ShakeWe made our own over-the-top crazy shake inspired by the holidays. Apple pie is very near and dear to our hearts so Reese and I decided to make a Dutch Apple Pie inspired Crazy Shake working with what we had on hand which just so happened to be vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, and our favorite Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake

Whipping this up was fairly quick and easy using a blender. First, we took the rims of our glasses and dipped them in rich, buttery caramel sauce. Then, we dipped it in crushed graham crackers. Next, we made our milkshake by adding two scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1tsp of apple pie seasoning and then for the kicker we added in a slice of Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake. Next, pour it into your glass but be sure to leave a little room at the top.

DIY Crazy ShakeSide note, we had the Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake on hand however if your local Ralphs has the Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Pie you can totally use that as well. As a matter of fact, you can save $1.00 Now (valid from 11/14/17 – 12/30/17) with this coupon and also save on Reddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream with this coupon as well.  DIY Crazy Shake

DIY Crazy Shake

As if our shake was not already delicious enough, we had to top ours off withReddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream. Made with real cream,Reddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream is indulgent without the guilt at 15 calories per serving. This dairy whipped topping is our favorite way to top off our holiday treats! 

DIY Crazy Shake DIY Crazy ShakeDIY Crazy Shake: Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake Ingredients

  • Once slice of Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake
  • 1 can of Reddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream
  • 3-4 Scoops of quality vanilla ice cream
  • 1/4 cup of caramel sauce
  • 1tsp of apple pie seasoning
  • 1/4 cup of crushed graham crackers
  • 1/2 cup of milk

DIY Crazy ShakeDIY Crazy Shake Instructions

  1. Set you Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake out overnight to thaw so that it is soft
  2. Take a tall glass or mason jar, dip the rim in caramel and roll in crushed graham crackers and set aside
  3. In a blender, combine vanilla ice cream, milk, apple pie seasoning and a slice of Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple Loaf Cake.
  4. Blend until you get a milkshake consistency. To adjust the thickness and or subtract milk
  5. Pour milkshake into glass being careful not to touch the rim
  6. Top with Reddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream (as much as you like)
  7. Sprinkle top with apple pie spice, crushed graham crackers, and drizzle with caramel sauce.
  8. Enjoy!

These shakes are so fun to make and kids will love them. I love that the possibilities are endless with these and you can get as creative as you want and add any type of flavoring. Just grab your favorite ice cream, your favorite Marie Callender’s® Pie or Marie Callender’s® loaf cake.

DIY Crazy Shake

Marie Callender’s® Pies are made with wholesome ingredients for a delicious homemade taste. Marie Callender’s® loaf cakes are like homemade, are Easy to make and since no baking is required (only warming) they are Easy to clean up. Just add a littleReddi-Wip® Real Whipped Cream and you will go crazy for this milkshake