5 DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do

5 DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do

Who Need’s A Guy? Here are DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do

When I was younger my mom used to yell at me for always taking stuff apart and trying to put them back together again. I say trying because back then I had the taking it apart part down pact. It was the putting it back together again part that I sucked at. Lucky for me (and my mom) I got better as I got older. In the end, it made me a really good DIY’er and I love doing repairs around my apartment. DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do

You would be surprised at how easy and affordable some DIY home repairs are. So, if you’re a single girl or just don’t want to sit around and wait for a man to do it (#girlpower) here are a few basic DIY home repairs you can do on your own.

Install A Ceiling Fan  

My apartment has no A/C so summers can be brutal. When I moved into my apartment 4 years ago there was not a ceiling fan in sight and my first summer almost killed me. After one too many 100 degree days I decided every room in my apartment was getting a fan. I had never installed one before but after a few searches on Youtube and a chat with a sales rep from Home Depot, I was all set to DIY this one. The process is really simple and it took me less than an hour to set it up. Since you’re dealing with live wires, make sure you cut the power from the breaker and test the power before you start messing with wires.

Install A Security System 

We travel almost monthly so I need to know that our home is protected while we’re away. I looked into several alarm companies and the prices for a system and install was not cheap. Since I live in an apartment I also didn’t want to hard wire anything. There are several great DIY alarm systems on the market right now. Check out Arlo, Ring, Blink, and Ooma. They have something for nearly every price range.

Install A Floating Shelf 

I love collecting things that remind me of the places I’ve traveled. About 5 years ago I started buying a snow globe from every state and country that I visited. That collection has grown to over 20 snowglobes and I was running out of places to store them. I spent a few hours researching how to install a floating shelf that would be strong enough to hold them all. It took me about an hour and cost me less than $100 and I now have a pretty awesome display of all my snowglobes. DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do

Paint A Wall 

Since I live in an apartment I’m pretty limited to the changes I can make. The one thing I was able to talk my landlord into was painting. When I decorated my bedroom last year I repainted all my walls a bright white and added a fun charcoal colored accent wall. The accent wall alone made a huge difference in my room and I loved the look. Painting is not only super affordable and easy but it can also be therapeutic and a great way to de-stress. If you’ve never painted before just remember to tape off any areas you don’t want to be painted (including the floor around the area you’re working in). You don’t want an afternoon DIY project to turn into an expensive mistake.

Install A USB Outlet 

We are a tech family and between two laptops, two Ipads, two cellphones and a slew of other electronics we were always fighting for an outlet. This year I finally decided to install USB outlets in all of my plugs. Now, we can charge our phones, IPads, and Fitbit’s directly to a USB port without taking up the space of a plug. I was actually really surprised at how easy this was. After the first one, I was able to install 5 more in under an hour. DIY Home Repairs Every Girl Should Know How To Do