DIY Home Security: How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

DIY Home Security: How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

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As you know, I love to travel, but there’s a certain amount of risk when you’re leaving home. Unfortunately, when we are away, there is a higher risk of your home being broken into and robbed. Leaving your home unprotected for several days at a time, like while you’re on vacation, makes you more susceptible to people who want to come and take your stuff. That doesn’t mean that we are going to stop traveling, does it? Perish the thought. Instead, what you need to do is take some time to learn how you can help keep your home secure while you are off working hard at having a good time. There are a lot of tips, techniques, and tricks we can use to let the burglars know that our house is locked down! Here are a few great ways to keep your stuff safe:

DIY Home Security Tips: Don’t leave a key to your house outside

Leaving a key outside is a convenient way to give access to your home to the people you want to have access to it. That means when you forget your keys, or you have a friend who forgot something and needs to get in, they can do that. The problem is, leaving those keys out, especially when you’re away, gives the bad guy a chance to make off with your hard-earned belongings. Leave a key with a trusted friend, neighbor or relative, but that fake rock you’ve been using? Yeah, we all know it isn’t a real rock. DIY Home Security

DIY Home Security Tips: Keep the lawn manicured

People who are traveling don’t need a pretty lawn. If you ordinarily leave the grass to grow while you’re away, this is another telltale sign that nobody is minding the property. Remember, nobody wants to go into a house where the owner could come home at any minute. Thieves know the signs to look for. Call your lawn service and ask them to tidy the place up. Added bonus? You’ll come home to an extra pretty house. DIY Home Security

DIY Home Security Tips: Let the curtains stay open

This may feel counterintuitive because you don’t want the robber to see how cool your home is, but leaving your curtains in the usual spot lets them know that the house may still be occupied. If you close the curtains and make the house look deserted, this is a sure sign that it is safe to break in. Leave those blinds open, and keep the shutters where they are.

DIY Home Security Tips: Ask a friend to stop by

Robbers aren’t stupid (just mean). They know to take a look at their intended target for a while before they determine nobody is at home. Ask a friend to stop by at the house for you. That means you have someone checking your mail, bringing any packages on the stoop in, and ensuring that your fancy things remain YOUR fancy things.

DIY Home Security Tips: Consider using a home security system

DIY Home Security

If you want to go on vacation with a sure sense of calm, you really should consider going for a home security system. These things come with codes so that if someone opens a door or a window without the special code, the police are going to receive an electronic alert that carries them directly to your door. DIY Home Security

Have you tried home security before? I’m using the Ooma Home Security system, and I feel safer than ever when I’m going away. No matter where I am, I can make sure that all is well at home by taking a look at the app right on my phone. Ooma will send me an alert if my home is invaded, and I even have the option to call 911 from anywhere I am if something is looking shady. That means if I’m ANYWHERE in the world, I will be able to relax and enjoy my time away and know that my home is going to be just the way I left it. DIY Home Security

DIY Home Security

You have a lot of things to do with your life, and I’m sure that learning to use a whole new app is pretty low on your list of priorities. The Ooma Home Security mobile app is user-friendly, free to download, has many modes to set. So if you know your neighbor is coming by to check the house and accidentally sets off the alarm, you can deactivate it for them and keep the police from heading out needlessly.

There is nothing better than walking in your door after being away. Make sure that your experience stays a pleasant one by using these tips to secure your home, and absolutely take a look at Ooma Home Security to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation.