5 Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored

5 Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored

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Five Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored

For those of us moms, having kids can be a fountain of endless joy…most of the time. Let’s face it. Parenting isn’t a walk in the park, 24/7. While you love every little bone and hair in their bodies, they can sometimes be a handful. What you call a relaxing day, they call a boring day. So how do you avoid those days when your kids simply cannot be bothered and want you to entertain them? By getting creative, (and sneaky about it!)

Next time you hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored,” try these “5 Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored”. =

Have Them Bake Something Special

Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored

They don’t need to make a five-course meal to have a blast in the kitchen! Wouldn’t that be nice though? Come up with some colorful recipes that only take one or two ingredients, tasty no-bake treats, or even unicorn poop dip. Trust me. Reese and I had a great time with this recipe and she was really excited about the idea of eating, well, unicorn “poop”…tweens lol.

It’s not as gross as it sounds and they’re sooo easy to make. So, get your kids involved and then have them share it with the neighbors or even the rest of the family. Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored

Create The Coolest Fort Or Tent Ever

Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are BoredYou can use cardboard to build a fort or place some bedsheets over the furniture like a sofa and some chairs to create the coolest indoor tent. The important thing is to have a lot of fun because a fort or an indoor tent is only awesome if everyone lets their imaginations go wild. Turn the fort into a kiosk, or a hospital and play along. But don’t do all the work for them. Have your kids design the indoor tent, and remember, the more rooms the better.

Plan A Camping Trip… Indoors

Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are BoredYou can actually camp outside with your kids while staying indoors. You just need to make or buy yourself a tent and set it up indoors. Just make sure there’s plenty of space for it. Then put your heads together and make a list of things you’ll need to make it a real camping experience like flashlights, and maybe some fake outdoor sound effects. And while you can’t make an actual fire inside, (unless you have a fireplace) you can always cook some marshmallows on the stove, place them on a stick and take them back to your campsite.

Whipp Up Some Galaxy Slime

You’ll just need some ingredients like clear glitter glue, ½ cup of liquid starch, some food coloring, and acrylic paint and then have the kids mix them all in a bowl until the consistency is just right. Remember that glitter comes in all sorts of colors, and you are creating galaxy slime, which should have a variety of colors. When it’s all set and done, your child will be able to squish, squeeze and throw that galaxy slime. But it doesn’t just keep them entertained. The slime creates sensory play, which involves stimulating your child’s sense of touch and encourages movement and balance. Translation: Not bored!

Create A Bowling Alley At Home

Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are BoredIf your kids are bored, but you’re feeling too lazy to drive to the nearest bowling alley, then create your own bowling experience at home. You just need some plastic water bottles and a ball that they can throw at them. Once the bottles are stacked at a distance, your kids can take turns trying to get the perfect strike. By keeping score, you encourage your kids to learn to be more competitive, which is a valuable life skill.

These activities not only allow you to spend precious time with your kids, but you can keep them entertained without spending a whole lot or stressing over it. So try them out! It’ll feel like a never-ending party. Fun Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored