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The number one question I get asked about travel is “How can you afford to travel so often”. The truth is I travel often because I’ve mastered the art of affordable travel. Many people think affordable travel means budget airlines and cheap motels but that’s not the case.

In my ebook My Guide To Booking Affordable Travel I share detailed information on how to score the best deals on flights, when and where to travel and even how to make payments on airline tickets so you can pay over time. 

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Detailed information on the best websites to use for booking affordable travel anywhere in the world. These are the websites I use to book all of my trips.

My secret to how I book airlines tickets with just a deposit. These website allow you to pay for your ticket over time by making bi-weekly or monthly payments.

A direct link to every website, facebook group and discount website I use to book affordable airline tickets, hotel rooms, transportation and activities. 

Best ebook ever. Even if I had to buy it, I would have maid money back within 72 hours because that how long it took me to take these tips and actually book a vacation for me and my family. Thank you for sharing your secrets
I had no idea I could make payments on airline tickets. This information alone made your book worth it. I just booked our summer trip to Hawaii for a $100 deposit. I'm even making payments on our Airbnb because of your tips

I am the travel expert you have been looking for!

My name is Courtney

I’m a former airline employee turned travel blogger. I have been traveling the world for 6 years as a single parent with my daughter. We’ve been to over 40 states and 15 countries and I’ve never paid more than $300 for airline tickets.

Over the years the number one question I’ve been asked is “How do you afford to travel so often as a single mom”. After years of traveling the world I finally had a chance to sit down and put all my tips in an ebook and today I’m sharing it with you!

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