How to Control Your Kids Screen Time Without Losing Your Mind

How to Control Your Kids Screen Time Without Losing Your Mind

How to Control Your Kids Screen Time Without Losing Your Mind

Technology is awesome for helping our kids get their homework done and learning new modules and training. In fact, many kids are required to complete their homework on a tablet or laptopHow to Control Your Kids Screen Time

You want them to do their homework, but you don’t want them to be busy fiddling around with other apps or playing with social media when they should be working. Nor do you want them to be glued to a screen all day every day, even if they are using it for school-related purposes. Remember when we were kids and we didn’t have this sort of stuff to distract us?

It’s up to us as parents to bring that back and teach our kids that there’s more to life beyond that blue screen. Here are a few tips to help you let technology serve its purpose in your home without it monopolizing anyone’s time. How to Control Your Kids Screen Time

1. There’s an app for that

One way to handle it is to install an app like Our Pact. It allows you to manage your child’s screen time any time, anywhere. I love this because you can block access to certain apps during certain times. For example, your child won’t be able to use anything that isn’t school-related until the time you set. It’s very versatile and customizable, and a brilliant solution to the screen time dilemma.

2. Have them earn screen time

Our kids don’t want to just use their screens for school work. They want to play on social media or watch Justin Bieber videos or whatever else they’re into. So why not let them earn it just like they earn an allowance? By earning screen time, they will appreciate the time they get to use their devices. How to Control Your Kids Screen Time

3. Set limits

Another way to do it is to restrict all usage of devices during the week to school-related activities. Then when the weekend comes around, you allow full access to your approved apps. Some kids respond very well to this, getting their work done all week and then responsibly using their devices for fun on the weekend.

4. Make them interact face-to-face

In our digital society, we’re starting to forget how to interact with each other when we’re face-to-face. Please, let’s not let this happen to our kids! If your daughter is busy texting her best friend, encourage them to meet up and do something without their screens. Get them to play in the yard, ride their bikes, draw, paint, or anything that involves disconnecting from technology. That’s the stuff that makes memories.

5. Set a good example yourself

Our kids see everything we do. If we’re glued to our phones all evening and it’s not work-related, our kids wonder why they have to be restricted but we get to be screen zombies. So set a good example. Keep your phone away from the dinner table. Set a cut-off time for yourself in the evenings so your children don’t look up and always see you on the phone. By doing this, you’ll be showing them that there is life outside that screen. And you know what? That life is the best. Put down the devices and enjoy life in the moment.