How To Get The Most Out of Traveling

There is a big difference between being a traveler and being a tourist. Travelers tend to go the extra mile to learn the culture and customs and really spend time interacting with the locals. If you’re looking to get the most out of your next trip and want to focus more on being a traveler, check out these five tips on How To Get The Most Out of Traveling

How To Get The Most Out of Traveling – Restaurants

How To Get The Most Out of Traveling

You should always look for recommendations for restaurants in the area. Ask locals, look online, or ask the hotel staff where you are staying for their recommendations. Once you get to the restaurant, ask the server for recommendations on what you should eat. If you have any allergies or dislikes, make sure they know that before you place your order, don’t let them order something without explaining to you what it is. This will give you a real taste of the place you chose for your travels.

How To Get The Most Out of Traveling – Souvenirs 

One way to remember your travels, besides taking photos, is to browse local shops and buy souvenirs from the area. If you can find a mom and pop shop you can find some of the most unique souvenirs. By shopping local and not at name brand stores you will be supporting the small businesses and most likely local artists.  

How To Get The Most Out of Traveling – Public Transportation 

Long Beach Bike Share | World In Four Day: Visit Long Beach

Another way to immerse yourself in the culture of your travels is to take public transportation. Whether it is a subway, taxi, trolley or even a bicycle if it’s the way the locals do it it’s a good idea to do as the locals do. Not only would you understand the culture, but you would be able to get to places quickly and not waste your time. Or even be able to sight see while on the transportation.

 How To Get The Most Out of Traveling – Language 

Even though English one of the most spoken languages around the world, you don’t want to look rude assuming everyone knows English wherever you are traveling. It is a good idea to learn some of the most common phrases so you can communicate effectively. A couple phrases you may want to know are, “Do you speak English,” “Where can I find a train/metro/bus/taxi” “I’m lost,” “I need help,” etc.

 How To Get The Most Out of Traveling – Night Life 

Sometimes towns can change completely at night time. With bars/clubs opening picturesque towns can turn into party towns. Get your best outfit on and head out and party with the locals or new friends you may have met. Even if there’s a language barrier, everyone comes together when music and dancing is involved. You might even know a song or two.

When traveling, it’s always great to immerse yourself into the culture of the area, support local businesses and artists and learn some of the most common phrases to get the most out of your trip.



  1. September 19, 2017 / 11:41 am

    I love all of your tips and will use them before I go on vacation next month. I’ll look for local shops to buy my souvenirs for sure. I always try to support local artisans where ever I go.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…Power Bank for EmergenciesMy Profile

  2. September 19, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Wonderful tips. I once backed out of a trip to Puerto Rico because we were going to small towns and I knew no Spanish. I love 75% of the food, although biting into something with fish would have sent me miles away from the towns to a tourist hospital.
    Gladys parker recently posted…My Agenda from May DesignsMy Profile

  3. September 19, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Traveling is not just my passion, it’s my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. September 19, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    This is great advice! Whenever I travel, I love to buy souvenirs and go to local restaurants. Souvenirs are such a great keepsake to remember my vacation.
    Amanda recently posted…A Red Floral Skirt From Summer to FallMy Profile

  5. September 20, 2017 / 5:29 am

    People really underrate public transportation. But I love it gets you mingling with the locals and is a great way to find spots that travel sites don’t know about. My trip to VA was amazing because we used public transportation and the driver told us about this little salsa club in her neighborhood, we would have missed out on it if not for her.

  6. September 20, 2017 / 6:41 am

    I always try to do the most locals things possible when I travel. I have had some amazing experiences with the locals in Cuba or in India and it was amazing to discover the local way of life and not the touristy one. I always go to local restaurants as well. I remember how in Peru I was the only foreigner at the local eateries.

  7. white
    September 20, 2017 / 6:54 am

    I agree! foods and souvenirs are things you should have when travel. I make sure I try their local delicacies.

  8. Shell
    September 20, 2017 / 7:43 am

    I absolutely love traveling with my little boy to see new and amazing places so I absolutely love your tips!!! Pinning this to save!!

  9. September 20, 2017 / 7:47 am

    These are awesome ideas – photos help us get the most out of our memories. My son loves to buy a few trinkets to take home to display too.
    krystal recently posted…How to Create Simple HabitsMy Profile

  10. September 20, 2017 / 8:08 am

    What fab suggestions! I love souvenirs, I would buy everything and I love to stay among the locals too to learn as much as I can from them!

  11. September 20, 2017 / 8:30 am

    I love all of your tips. I will make sure to use them when i go on my cruise at the end of the year. I love buying and collecting souvenirs from the countries i visit. It’s a nice little reminder of the experience i had. Awesome post.

  12. Ruth I
    September 20, 2017 / 8:47 am

    I agree! I always want to be a traveler and learn the culture I enjoy seeing and trying their local customs and dishes. Thank you for your tips!

  13. Kelly Reci
    September 20, 2017 / 9:22 am

    What a great tips. When I am going to travel. I always buy souvenirs and cooked food.

  14. Julie Syl
    September 20, 2017 / 10:25 am

    I love all of your tips and will use them when I am traveling. I’ll always to buy souvenirs.

  15. September 20, 2017 / 11:23 am

    Thanks for the tips! We try to do as much as we can and see as much as we can. We don’t do the night life much anymore, though we should.

  16. September 20, 2017 / 11:44 am

    Great post! I had never thought to look online or ask locally about good places to eat, normally I sort of stumble around until I find somewhere that looks nice. This has been both hugely successfully and incredibly awful, ha. I couldn’t agree more about enjoying the culture you have ventured into! 🙂
    Ithfifi recently posted…Freehand Pirate Ship & Hidden Treasure Cove Nail ArtMy Profile

  17. September 20, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    My favorite part of traveling is always the restaurants and talking with the locals! You see and learn so much! Your post has me thinking it’s time to plan my next trip 🙂

  18. September 20, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    I want to go back riding with my friends before the end of summer.

  19. September 20, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    I totally love to be a traveler over a tourist. Ideally opportunities where I can live in a place and get to know locals are perfect for this. I also love learning new languages. I agree that it goes a long way to learn some basic phrases and make the effort. People will always respect it. I live in Spain and I will say that Spaniards always like you more when you make a true effort to speak their language.

  20. Our Family World
    September 20, 2017 / 3:28 pm

    I love getting souvenirs every time I travel. I have a special box for these at home. They are great conversation pieces and I love to show them to my friends and family.

  21. September 20, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    These are all some great tips to get the most out of travelling! It actually takes a huge amount of planning to find good restaurants to eat!
    Eileen recently posted…Clearer Skin with Light TherapyMy Profile

  22. Josselyn Radillo
    September 20, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    I love all of your tips and will use them before I go on vacation next month specially the ones about the night life and restaurants =)

  23. Utminh
    September 20, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    I agree on your sharing. When traveling I always prepare very thoughtfully everything. This is good advice for the trip

  24. September 21, 2017 / 12:02 am

    What an awesome post and I really love all your tips I will keep this in my mind when we are on travel.

  25. September 21, 2017 / 2:06 pm

    These are great tips! I never thought of using public transportation when travelling but it sounds like fun. Going to try it the next time I travel.

  26. September 21, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    I love finding unique souvenirs that aren’t manufactured by mainstream companies. It’s also so helpful to learn some phrases in the local language. Great tips!
    Katie recently posted…Back To School Supplies & Go-To SnacksMy Profile

  27. Ruthie Ridley
    September 21, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    I love all of your tips!!! That food looks BOMB

  28. September 21, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    So Fun! I think the only thing I’ve probably failed to take advantage of when traveling is the public transportation. I would love to ride a bike or something similar. I will definitely need to make a mental note to do that on my next trip.

  29. Erica Schwarz
    September 21, 2017 / 7:29 pm

    Going to use these tips next time I’m on vacation. Whenever I do travel, first thing I do is look online to plan restaurants and what I’m going to eat!

  30. September 21, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    Great pointers! You havent lived if you havent traveled!

  31. Adaleta
    September 21, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    That is so cool! I think it is really great to learn and experience a place as a local. I agree that going out at night can be so much fun too!

  32. September 21, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    I love learning new tips on how to travel better and get the most out of an experience! Since we don’t get to travel nearly as often as I’d like, I want to make the most of my time 🙂

  33. September 22, 2017 / 1:44 am

    nice article dear, this are the favorite travelling dish……….

  34. September 22, 2017 / 5:54 am

    Your posts inspire me so much every time….I read them and I am like why didn’t I think of this….loved reading through. And loved you nightlife dress as well.

  35. hanna - platforms and pacifiers
    September 22, 2017 / 6:42 am

    One thing we always miss out on when we travel is the night life! With two small kids we never are able to head out to enjoy it! You look terrific by the way!

  36. September 22, 2017 / 6:45 am

    Super great tips on traveling. I am with you on the shopping support the locals they really need the money more than the bigger name brand shops!

  37. September 22, 2017 / 7:48 am

    I once asked a local about what food I should try; I ended up sick for 3 days. I agree with the rest of your list through!

  38. September 22, 2017 / 8:34 am

    I so enjoyed reading your post! I totally love tips and advice about traveling. Your photos make me want to pack my bag and leave to go somewhere right now!

  39. Afroz
    September 22, 2017 / 10:58 am

    Excellent tips on traveling and eating out. I am definitely bookmarking your blogpost for future reference, whenever I plan my next trip abroad.

  40. September 22, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    I love your tips, I see myself as a thing between a traveler and a tourist. I don’t often buy souvenirs though.

  41. Nicole Flint
    September 22, 2017 / 12:40 pm

    I love taking public transportation when I travel because I don’t take public transportation at home!

  42. Our Family World
    September 22, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    Whenever we travel, we opt for public transport. It is the best way to get to the museums, parks and other places worth visiting. Be one with the locals and you’ll never go wrong.

  43. Annemarie LeBlanc
    September 22, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    Thanks for your tips. When we travel, we always take advantage of experiencing the food and wine. It is a great way to learn about the culinary preferences of the locals.

  44. Annemarie LeBlanc
    September 23, 2017 / 6:12 am

    I think the best way to get the most our to traveling is to stop being a tourist. It would be best to go out, take public transport, and check out the places where the locals eat and hang out. We can learn and enjoy more that way.

  45. September 23, 2017 / 8:58 am

    Some great tips, which should prove helpful to any traveler. I always check online and for local recommendations on where to eat when travelling. I’ve found some amazing places off the beaten track by asking the locals.
    Alison recently posted…Wild Great Crested Grebes at RSPB Ham Wall, SomersetMy Profile

  46. September 23, 2017 / 10:23 am

    When I travel I try to move like a local I feel like all the best thing to do are not tourist like. I love the idea of see the realness of the places I am travelling to.
    kristal recently posted…Let it rain school supplies !My Profile

  47. September 24, 2017 / 6:49 am

    Every time I go somewhere I tend to walk a lot. I skip using public transportation just because I want to see as much as possible on foot.
    Elena recently posted…The Best Day Trips from LondonMy Profile

  48. September 24, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    When traveling I try not look like I am visiting there, go to places that are well known and go to a restaurant or any place that is close to my hotel room so I won’t get lost.

  49. September 26, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    Agree with your pointer on local transportation and language. My kids learnt to navigate using a map as well as buying subway tickets on our last trip to Portugal.

  50. September 27, 2017 / 7:39 am

    Some places DO change completely at night (including safety issues) so do stay safe! I am a scaredy cat so I usually stay in at night unless I’m around with locals~

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