How to Ship Cookies During the Holidays with The UPS Store

How to Ship Cookies During the Holidays with The UPS Store

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The Cookie Doesn’t Crumble: How to Ship Cookies!

You know with our baking prowess, Reese and I have this huge tradition of baking cookies for the holidays. Of course, e love nibbling on them ourselves, but nothing makes our hearts feel fuller then to send them out to all our family members that are far away. How to Ship Cookies

How to Ship CookiesCheck out these photos of us busily baking up a storm. We’re making our ever so popular bacon chocolate chip cookies that everyone loves. We ship cookies all year round but Christmas is our busiest month and we work hard to get everyone their cookies on time and in one piece. Have you ever received cookies in the mail and found them crumbly or broken though? That’s not going to happen to us because we ship our cookies at The UPS Store! They’ve got Certified Packing Experts that make sure everything is packed properly so I know when I hand off my packages to them, they get there just the way I want them too, and on time too. How to Ship Cookies

How to Ship Cookies We also love The UPS Store during the holidays because they are the exclusive sponsor of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, an initiative helping give less fortunate children the ability to compete academically and succeed in life by providing them direct access to resources that will enhance their ability to read and communicate effectively. Through December 31st, participating locations of The UPS Store are supporting this amazing cause by setting up an in-center donation card drive. So in addition to getting our cookies to their destinations on time and in perfect condition every time, they’re helping those in need, which really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. How to Ship Cookies

Now while The UPS Store does an amazing job with your packages, there are a few steps you should take when preparing your cookies for shipping to ensure the perfect delivery of your perfect cookies. Here are my best tips to you and I promise if you do this and use The UPS Store to ship your cookies, you won’t be disappointed. How to Ship Cookies

How to Ship Cookies: Put them back-to-back

Take your cookies and almost make a sandwich of sorts with the bottom of one cookie touching the bottom of the other. Then, wrap them tightly in parchment paper.

How to Ship Cookies: Wrap them up

How To Ship Cookies

Some people wrap their cookies up bubble wrap. You can totally do that and plop them in the box, letting the professionals at The UPS Store place packing popcorn and other things between them to cushion them. Or you can do what I do and put them in a nice decorative tin. If using the tin, make sure there is no room for the cookies to move in any direction be it up, down or side to side. Doing so will keep them completely intact.

How to Ship Cookies: Make sure the package is fully packedHow to Ship Cookies

The UPS Store professionals can help you with this too, but you’ll want to make sure your decorative cookie tin is fully sandwiched in the box and surrounded by paper, tissue, packing peanuts, or any other items that keep that tin from bouncing around during its journey to your loved ones. How to Ship Cookies

That’s it! We’re so thankful to The UPS Store for helping us get our cookies out on time and without damage too. What cookies will you be making this year? How to Ship Cookies

How to Ship Cookies How to Ship CookiesStay Connected With The UPS Store

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