7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling Abroad

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling Abroad

7 Tips On Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

Traveling with your kids is an educational and fun way to make memories while teaching them about the world we live in. I love to travel with Reese and help her broaden her horizons by seeing new things and learning about new cultures. I’m a firm believer that travel should be fun and exciting.  

But as you all know, I’m a mom so I worry (especially after our experience in Paris). While we should always be mindful and aware anywhere we are with our kids, on our own turf or thousands of miles away in another country, when you’re on foreign soil, it can be even more stressful trying to keep them safe. Other countries have different laws and procedures for finding missing children and not knowing them can make things even worse.

Don’t be afraid to travel abroad with your kids, but do make sure you teach them how to be safe in another land in case they get separated from you or you run into any issues.

Here are my 7 best tips for doing just that!

1. Teach them how to call the police

All children should learn how to dial 911 here in the states in case there is ever any kind of emergency or if they need help. Show them how to dial 911 on a landline (like the hotel phone in your room) as well as on a cell phone. As an FYI, in other countries, the emergency number could be different. This handy chart from the US State Department can help you nail down what number your child will need to learn. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

2. Have them memorize your cell number

Remember the days before cell phones when we had to remember all our friends’ numbers and our home number too? Those days are long over and we’re pretty spoiled now, but it’s very important that your kids know what your phone number (by memory) in case they get separated. Turn it into a catchy song if you have to so they can recall it if needed and call you from the hotel. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

3. Give them a card with the hotel address

Write down the address of the hotel that you’ll be visiting in English on one side and in the local language of the location you’re visiting. Include the phone numbers as well. If it’s a language like Chinese for example, print it off from the hotel website before leaving the states so there is no confusion when you arrive. This is also handy for taxis for you too! Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

4. Get travel insurance

You do not want to be far away from home when an emergency strikes. You never know when one of you may get sick or suffer an injury. It’s best to always be covered so you won’t be hit with outrageous expenses from an emergency room visit. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

5. Write down allergies on a card too

Just like the hotel address and info, if your child is allergic to anything, make sure you write it down in the language of the country you’re visiting. If for some reason you get separated and your child is in the care of authorities who are trying to help, they’ll know to keep certain foods away.

6. Make a plan with your kid before traveling

Before you even get on that plane and jet around the world, sit your child down and have a real talk about what they should do if they get separated from you when you’re traveling. Do some role-playing and act it out. It might seem silly but it can make all the difference if it happens to them. They’ll know exactly what to do to stay safe and find you. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

7. Develop a code word

A code word is a good idea to use between you when a situation seems unsafe. Choose something that isn’t too common, yet you’ll both remember. If out in public and you use this word, your child will know to get out of there with you quickly with no questions asked. Additionally, you can use it if you run down to the lobby and return back to the room so your child knows it’s you at the door and not a stranger.

By taking these safety precautions with your kids when you travel, you’ll have a lot less worry, knowing they’ll know just what to do should your plans go awry. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling

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