Los Angeles, California: OUE Los Angeles Skyspace

Los Angeles, California: OUE Los Angeles Skyspace

Los Angeles Skyspace

I can say without a doubt Los Angeles Skyspace is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. Last year when I heard it was coming to Los Angeles I immediately put it on my bucket list. I won’t lie, I am scared to death of heights, but I truly enjoyed this experience. I promise you won’t regret this adventure.

Entry into Skyspace Los Angeles

Skyspace is the tallest observation deck in Los Angeles and is located at the top of the U.S. Bank Tower, along with a 2,800 square foot terrace. Los Angeles Skyspace gives you an opportunity to see Los Angeles from a whole new perspective. There are, of course, several observation decks throughout Los Angeles but Skyspace is by far the best.

Photo of entry ticket into Los Angeles Skyspace

My journey to the top was an adventure all it’s own. There are some amazing digital elements and effects that just add to the experience ahead of you. Things like the Infinity Mirror and Silhouette Wall were really amazing, but what I personally liked the most was the 360-degree LA Skyline Time Lapse. Los Angeles is simply beautiful! This experience made me stop and realize just how breathtaking my city is. If you come to Los Angeles Skyspace during the day, the Skyline Time Lapse is like a two-for-one. You get amazing views of the city during daylight and a glimpse of Los Angeles at night, with all its hustle and bustle.

Infinity Mirror at Los Angeles Skyspace

70 Floors up at Skyspace Los Angeles

The ride to the top was an experience all it’s own, but what actually brought me to Los Angeles Skyspace and what I was most curious about was the thrilling sky slide attached to the tower. Sky slide is attached to the outside of the building. The slide starts at the 70th floor, where the observation deck is located and ends one-floor bellow. I’ll admit, I was excited, but also a little scared. It’s not too often that I throw myself off the side of a building. But I told myself “I came here for this and I’m not leaving until I do it”.

70 Floors up at Los Angeles Skyspace

Surprisingly, even though you’re dangling 70 floors up from the side of a building lol, the slide was not as scary. I had plenty of time to mentally prepare myself and my girlfriends gave me a pep talk on the way up. In the end, although the ride down the slide was quick (you can only ride it once), it was a great experience and defiantly something not many people can say they’ve done.

Skyspace is an amazing attraction! If you are in search of beautiful views and adventure OUE Skyspace should be on your Los Angeles “must see” list.

OUE Skyspace LA
633 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
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