Lunch Made Fresh From Scratch The Cheesecake Factory Way

Lunch Made Fresh From Scratch The Cheesecake Factory Way

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made fresh from scratchDon’t let the glamorous photos and fabulous trips fool you – blogging is work! You have a lot of sleepless nights, content to plan and deadlines to meet. Despite all of that, sometimes the perks are AMAZING. You get all kinds of amazing opportunities that you might not receive otherwise. A few weeks ago one of the amazing opportunities fell into my lap.

made fresh from scratchThe Cheesecake Factory: Our Family Tradition

I was selected to attend a fantastic lunch at a restaurant I love. Where’s that? The Cheesecake Factory! Not only was I excited (hello cheesecake!) but the timing could not have been more perfect. The Cheesecake Factory and I go way back…5 years back to be exact. When Reese turned 3 we were looking for a place to take her out to eat for her birthday. A few weeks prior my then husband and I had popped into a cheesecake factory for dessert. Reese sampled her very first bite of cheesecake and from there she fell in love.

made fresh from scratchEver since that day, Reese has asked to go to the Cheesecake Factory for “big girl” dessert for birthdays. It’s become sort of a family tradition for us. So imagine how excited I was when I got the email that The Cheesecake Factory wanted to partner with little ol’ me…and, it just so happened to be on Reese’s birthday.  I absolutely loved every second of my lunch and the tour we took while I was there – It was so awesome to get to see first hand how the food my family has loved for so very long is actually made. I’d like to send a special thank you to Donald Moore, the chief culinary officer, and my fabulous tour guide. 

Quality Food Made Fresh From Scratch

I saw a lot of things I really loved on the tour, but one of the first things that stood out to me was the people who work there. Without great staff, any restaurant falls apart quickly. As I got to walk around and observe, I could tell that I was surrounded by people who love their job as much as I love mine.

made fresh from scratchEverything in The Cheesecake Factory’s kitchen is made fresh from scratch, which is a HUGE feat for any company to pull off, especially one of this size. The company takes pride in what they do and many of their employees have been with them for 10+ years.

They take pride in watching their employees grow and even offer a great manager mentoring program to help those who want to rise through the ranks. This made me an even bigger cheerleader for The Cheesecake Factory because I go out of my way to support companies that support their team members. Team work makes the dream work!

New Menu Items Made Fresh From Scratch

Okay but enough rambling, I know what you’re all here for…the food, and I don’t blame you. What’s the point of going to a restaurant where everything is made fresh from scratch if you leave with an appetite, right? Fortunately, they did not let me down, and I got to indulge in some pretty tasty new treats as well as a couple of my faves. As for new items, here’s what made my shortlist:

  1. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls- I loved these so much I ordered them again 2 days later – that’s right, I literally went back for seconds. Just writing this I’m thinking about how third time’s the charm. . . I feel a detour coming!
  2. Pork Belly Sliders– I absolutely loved the BBQ Sauce and the fried pickles give it a fun crunch. Absolutely magnificent!
  3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes– I don’t normally think breakfast when I think of the Cheesecake Factory but they have an AMAZING new brunch menu and my favorite item is for sure the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. It is everything you love about a cinnamon roll in a fun twist.
  4. Stuffed Cheese Burgers– As far as food trends, stuffed cheeseburgers are all the rage these days but the Cheesecake Factory makes the best one I’ve had so far. It’s super juicy and the grilled onions really pack in the flavor. I also love the secret sauce.
  5. Skinnylicious Menu- This is the lower calorie menu which I didn’t even know they had. They take select items from their menu and keep the same great taste only they serve it in a smaller portion size. My fav was the Grilled Steak Medallions. Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry for them all over again!

made fresh from scratchI had such an amazing time visiting The Cheesecake Factory. Besides my favorite slice of cheesecake, and taking an incredible tour, I got to learn some new things about a place I love to be. Definitely don’t miss out on the chance to go get some of their goodies, made fresh from scratch in their kitchen every day! I can’t wait to get back . . . those cheeseburger spring rolls really are calling my name.


made fresh from scratch