My Favorite Summer & Springtime Espadrilles

My Favorite Summer & Springtime Espadrilles

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I used to say I hated every season except summer but, I’m starting to really warm up to the idea of Spring. I do realize that I live in California where our springtime temps can be in the 80’s while the rest of the country is under 3 feet of snow. I’m usually cold all the time so while it might be 80, I’m still freezing. Springtime Espadrilles

This spring seems to be pretty warm and dry (now watch since I’ve said this, It will rain the rest of the month lol).  We’ve had to bring out the shorts and tank tops a little sooner this year so I headed to the mall to pick up a few things for Reese. I had no intentions of shopping for me but I kept running across the cutest espadrilles. The price was right and they were oh so cute, I couldn’t help but pick up a few pairs. I have officially named these the springtime shoe of 2018!

Here are the three springtime espadrilles that I picked up:

And here are a few more springtime espadrilles I pinned on Pinterest that I’m totally crushing on. We’re only a few weeks into spring so I’ll continue to add to this board. Espadrilles are also perfect for summer so be sure to follow this board so you see new pins.

(FYI: You can shop these Springtime Espadrilles pins by clicking through on the pictures, or you can re-pin them and save them for later. You can even share them with a friend)!

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