Cool Unicorn Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens They Will Love

Unicorn Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens They’re Sure To Love

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you might be wondering what to do about your tween daughter when it comes to getting her gifts. Since they alternate from standoffish to affectionate, it can be really hard to get a reading on what she might like. Believe me, I know. I’ve got my Reese and I love her to pieces but as you know, being the mom of a tween is never easy. One minute I’m her favorite person, and the next I’m as uncool as Steve Urkel. And the kids today have no idea who he is, incidentally. Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens 

Anyway, you could go with candy but too much of it is never a good thing. That’s why I’ve found the coolest Unicorn Themed Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you that I know your tween will love!

Unicorn & Rainbow Print Umbrella

Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens

It won’t be long before spring showers start falling down, so give her something she can use that makes her look way cool. Unicorns and rainbows are a modern tween girl’s Lisa Frank you know!

Unicorn-Cat Case for iPhone

Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens

While I think it should be called a “Uni-Cat,” this adorable iPhone case has the best of cutesy coolness, plus it protects her phone, something you don’t want to replace every time she drops it taking selfies at the mall. Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens 

Cat & Jack Knee-High Socks

Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens

For tween girls, you are only as cool as your socks. This double-pack comes with a pink-starred pair as well as one with a shaggy-maned rainbow-colored unicorn for the ultimate in coolness. Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens 

S’ip Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens

The unicorn and rainbow print will match her new umbrella. Plus, you won’t get that dreaded whiny “Moooooooom!” for getting her something useful. She’ll be able to stay hydrated on her bike rides with friends or when she’s at school without wasting plastic bottles, all while looking cool.

Squishy Unicorn

Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens

Tweens are always so stressed out so give her something cute to take it out on. This adorable (or as the kids say, “adorbs”) unicorn is made from squishy material so you can squeeze him repeatedly for all those stressful tween crisis moments. Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens 

As you can see, I went with a bit of a unicorn theme. Call me corny, or even “uni-corny” but I think when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for tween girls, it’s best to give them something with staying power. Then Reese can enjoy her gifts year-round instead of on just one day. And hopefully, when she looks at them, she’ll know just how much I love her too. Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your tween!


Valentine Gift Ideas for Tweens