5 Ways To Get In Exercise When You Travel

I am by no means a fitness nut but for some reason when I travel that tends to be the time I get the most exercise. Could it be the guilt from all that good travel food? Maybe, but whatever it is that seems to put me in the workout mood, I’ll take it. If you’re spreading your wings in the near future and looking to keep active without hitting the hotel gym, here are a few fun and easy ways to get in exercise when you travel. Ways To Get In Exercise When You Travel

Fun & Easy Ways To Get In Exercise When You Travel

Explore the city on foot 

I love waking up really early, throwing on my Bluetooth headphones and comfy shoes and hitting the streets to watch neighborhoods come to life. It’s also a great way to check out what in the area you might want to come back and explore. After your morning walk, grab coffee at a local coffee shop and people watch. You can learn so much about a city just by watching people move about their day.

Jump on a Hop-on-Hop-off bus

I love hop-on-hop-off buses and try to take one in every city I visit. The guides are usually really funny and are great at giving you an overview of the city and its history. What makes them great exercise is they drop you off in some pretty amazing neighborhoods to explore. There’s usually a lot to see in the surrounding mile area so pick a stop and get off and explore. The cool thing is a bus comes around usually every 30 minutes so if you get bored in one area you can jump back on and go explore another.

Go on a walking tour

I never leave a city without doing at least one walking tour. I’m a sucker for a good history or ghost tour and I’ll never turn down a food tour…ever. Not only are walking tours a great way to see a city, but you’re also getting the lowdown on the city from a local and a workout. Most walking tours last about an hour and cover between a mile to a mile and a half of territory making them the perfect workout.   

Hit up the hotel pool

If the weather is nice or you landed a hotel/Airbnb with an indoor pool, starting your morning with a swim is a great idea. For starters, if you go early in the morning it’s usually empty so you’ll likely have it all to yourself. Swimming is a full body workout so if you do nothing else for the rest of the day, you’re golden.

Pack your workout clothes

There’s something about seeing workout clothes everytime you open your suitcase that seems to get people motivated. I’m addicted to Fabletics and love getting new workout clothes every month. I pack them in my bag when I travel and since they’re new, it makes me excited to wear them.

5 Fun and Easy Ways To Get In Exercise When You Travel