Ladurée, The Quintessential Parisian Pastry Shop

If you have a sweet tooth and happen to be in Paris, you must plan a visit to Ladurée (especially if you’re traveling with a little girl in tow)! This quintessential Parisian pastry shop is the perfect setting for a genuine tea party! In case I haven’t impressed this upon you enough already, my daughter and I are serious cookie connoisseurs. We go out of our way to try dessert hot spots everywhere we go. If there’s been hype about it, we’ve got to taste it for ourselves. The famous Ladurée has definitely had hype, thanks to the recent macaron frenzy and the treat’s notoriety on social media. (Of course, artists like Tim Burton, Pharell Williams, and Christian Louboutin collaborating with them has helped spread the word.) Laduree Paris Review

Laduree Paris Review

Let me stop right here, though. In case you haven’t actually tried a macaron yet, allow me to explain: these delicate and airy cookies are not the same thing as a macaroon, which is a dense, coconut confection. Instead, a macaron has two crunchy, almond, sugar and egg white-based outer shells, with a ganache buttercream, meringue or jam filling in between. These colorful sandwich cookies come in every hue and flavor imaginable. Laduree Paris Review

Laduree Paris Review

Ladurée hasn’t just jumped on the bandwagon, however. They practically invented the macaron! (Well, they’ve been perfecting it for 150 years…Macarons have actually been around since the early 1500’s and originated in Italy, not France. Gasp!) Their unique flavors change all the time, with some of their best sellers being the rose petal and salted caramel varieties (out of more than 36). Their elegant gift boxes are synonymous with luxury, and at about $22 US dollars for six of these little guys, you’ll probably want to reserve these souvenirs for your nearest and dearest. I can report that they are worth every penny! Laduree Paris Review

Laduree Paris Review

It may be hard to believe, but Ladurée does offer more than just macarons. Their cake display is a true work of art with sculpted creams, crunchy caramels, and sliced fruits decorating each morsel. Have a cup of coffee with Chantilly cream or an extra-rich, cup of thick, hot cocoa. They sell teas, jams, gourmet chocolates, and even perfumes and candles! They’ve also got fabulous little gifts, like shopping totes and key chains, to commemorate your visit. Laduree Paris Review

It was the experience of taking my daughter to see this picture perfect shop firsthand that was really worth it to me, though. Approaching Ladurée was like walking into a magical story book, from the green and gold exterior, complete with large windows displaying elaborate arrangements of treats, to the stunning interior filled with silk, marble, and crystal at every turn. With fresh roses on the tables and a grand staircase, it’s safe to say we felt fancy! While they do have a full restaurant, I’d recommend you stick to the desserts, since that’s what Ladurée does best. Laduree Paris Review

Laduree Paris Review

This shop and restaurant are stunningly beautiful and they make amazing macarons! One visit and it will be easy to understand why everyone loves Ladurée. If you can’t get to Paris, don’t worry; they’ve got locations across the globe, including shops in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Miami. But if you’re a sugar foodie, add Ladurée Paris to your ultimate bucket list! Laduree Paris Review

Ladurée Paris
75 avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris


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