Single Parent Travel: Intrepid Travel Launches Tours For Single Parents

Single Parent Travel: Intrepid Travel Launches Tours For Single Parents

Tours Designed With Single Parent Travel In Mind

Sometimes, I’m flying solo when I travel. But for many of my other adventures, I’ve got Reese along for the ride. She’s a great kid but if you’re a single mom like me, you know just how exhausting it is being the only grownup. Plus, there’s usually never a price break despite you being the only adult in a double-occupancy room. Single Parent Travel

Thankfully, Intrepid Travel is on trend and has this single-parent thing dialed in, as they should for being the world’s largest travel company. They’ve just created six brand new tours that are designed exclusively for parents traveling solo with their kids in tow. It’s the first company to do so, which is good news because they surely won’t be the last either.

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Their itineraries are always awesome, but now the itineraries that cater to single parent travel help kids bond with other kids traveling in the same group. The same goes for the adults in the group. The parents get to mingle too, getting some much-needed grown-up conversation and companionship in.

Intrepid Travel also makes it more affordable by discounting 10% off the price of the trip for all children 17 years and younger. The change in the travel industry is a welcome one that I’m definitely embracing. The brand manager for Intrepid Travel, Dyan McKie, is a single mom as well. I’m personally thrilled that they’ve done this and can’t wait to plan a single-parent trip with Reese using their services.

The trips offered as of right now include tours to Thailand, Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam, Morocco, and Northern India. Each location was chosen because it makes it easier for single parents to wrangle the kids without feeling intimidated. The longest of these six new single-parent-friendly tours is the Costa Rican trip for 15 days where mom or dad and the kids can enjoy horseback riding, visits to waterfalls, zip lining and loads more. The Indian holiday is for 10 days and includes a stop to the famed Taj Mahal. Single Parent Travel

Travel to Egypt for a 9-day excursion with a cruise on the Nile and a camel ride, among many other things. The Moroccan holiday is for 8 days, taking you through Marrakech. The holiday in Thailand is a 12-day trip that includes a visit to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. For the Vietnamese trip, you’ll enjoy 13 days where a visit to Hanoi and cruising Halong Bay are all included. Single Parent Travel

As a single parent, I can’t tell you how excited I am for these new itineraries to roll out. It gives us a chance to explore more of the world, make new friends together, and actually relax while traveling solo with our kids, and best of all, it’s affordable. Score! Single Parent Travel

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Single parent travel can be expensive and when it comes to tours, we often pay a premium. Intrepid Travel understands the struggle and recently launched a set of tours designed with Single Parent Travel in mind. With locations like Egypt, Thailand, Northern India and more, your family will love these adventures.