10+ Stylish Glasses For Women + Kids Under $75

10+ Stylish Glasses For Women + Kids Under $75

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Up until the day I had Reese, my vision was always great. Then, for some reason the day she was born, it was like I woke up blind. It was literally overnight. Since then, every year my vision has gradually gotten worse. I think a large part of it is I spend so much time on my computer and phone and don’t really take care of my eyes. It’s totally my fault and I’m owning it. Stylish Glasses For Women

I’ve thought about getting Lasik but discovered you have to have stable vision for at least a year to be a candidate. Since my vision keeps changing each year, I’ve just come to accept I’ll be team glasses forever. I’m cool with that since there are some really stylish glasses For women out there and I’ve worked wearing glasses into my personal style. Plus, since I order our glasses every year from Costal.com I save a ton of money and can afford to buy several different pairs.

Reese started wearing glass at the end of kindergarten and like me, her vision is also getting worse every year. Shes doesn’t get as much screen time as I do so I’m not sure we can blame it on that. With her, I think it’s mostly genetic since every person in our family wears glasses. Stylish Glasses For Women

We love switching up our looks to match our style, that's why we buy new glasses every year. Our go-to place for glasses has always been Coastal.com. Check out our eyeglass roundup of 25 Stylish Glasses For Women + Kids Under $75 all from Coastal.comMy issue with Reese is shes constantly losing or breaking her glasses. I think I end up buying 2-3 pair each year to replace the broke, lost or dog chewed ones. So for this reason alone, it’s important her glasses are inexpensive enough to basically be disposable (you’re killing me kid!). Stylish Glasses For Women

We’re coming up on the time we usually buy glasses so I thought I would share a few stylish glasses for women and kids. All of these glasses are from Costal.com and what’s even better? I rounded up glasses that are all under $75. That’s right, stylish glasses for women and kids under $75. Plus, I’ll even throw in a coastal.com coupon so you can save a few more bucks.

So, here are the 10+ Stylish Glasses For Women + Kids Under $75 that we’re currently crushing on this year.

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