The Mission Old Town | Best Tacos in Scottsdale Az.

The Mission Old Town | Best Tacos in Scottsdale Az.

I love me some good Mexican food. Not that taco bell stuff (although desperate times call for desperate measures lol) I’m talking about the real deal, with freshly made salsa and handmade flour and corn tortillas that are served fresh off the griddle. I headed to Phoenix a few weeks ago for a short getaway and decided to meet up with a fellow blogger friend of mine  (Arizona’s very own food diva TastaAz). This girl knows food and where to go for the best tacos in Scottsdale, so when she suggested lunch at The Mission in Old Town, I was all over that.

Best Tacos in Scottsdaleacos in Scottsdale

Pricing Best Tacos in Scottsdale

A word of warning, this is not your run of the meal tex-mix Mexican food. The food is more traditional to what you would find in an upscale traditional Mexican restaurant, also, it’s not cheap. Dinner for two will set you back $120-$130 when you factor in appetizers, dinner, drinks, tax, and tip, but trust me, if you’re a foodie, love Mexican and quality service is important to you, this will be the best $100 you’ve spent in Arizona.

I had dinner reservations for another restaurant later that evening and I made the mistake of coming here expecting to just grab a quick little bite to eat. Big mistake! My friend and I ordered the entire left side of the menu (okay, I’m exaggerating lol but we came pretty darn close lol). Don’t judge us lol #noregrets.

Best Tacos in Scottsdale

What To Order Best Tacos in Scottsdale

We started with Fresh Chips and Salsa and a Cheese Plate that featured cheese, Chilean honey, Zoe’s Fantasma & tequila salumi, grilled pan de yucca, serrano fried peanuts, chimichurri. We followed that with Grilled Street Corn (commonly referred to as Elotes).  Skewered corn, butter, chila paprika, aji rocoto, cilantro & cotija for our appetizer selection. We fished with an order of their street tacos. Tecate skirt steak with morita‎ salsa, avocado, lime, cilantro & cotija cheese.

Needless to say, as I waddled out of there wishing I had worn my yoga pants, it was clear I was not making my dinner reservations…and honestly, didn’t care! If you are in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area and want the best street tacos of your life a trip to the Mission in old town should be the only restaurant on your list. Follow the Mission Old Town on social media:

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