What’s In My Bag: 5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

What’s In My Bag: 5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

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I spend a lot of time on the road traveling. This year I clocked 19 trips (a mix of staycations, domestic and international trips). That’s a TON, and while I consider myself a pretty smart traveler, those 19 trips even taught me a thing or two. The main thing I learned is that even though packing light is essential, there are just some things that you need to bring with you every single time.

If you plan on hitting the road this year, or are planning your travels for next year, my list of “5 Things I Can’t Travel Without” is something you will want to bookmark. So, what made the list? Check these out.

Things I Can’t Travel Without – A Good Antiperspirant

Have you ever had to share close quarter with someone who either missed the memo on deodorant or their deodorant just gave up on them? I have, on planes or trains and in elevators and you know what…it sucks. I refuse to be that person so for me I stick with what works for me and that’sDove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. I make sure I keep some packed in my luggage at all times. I actually have a special one that never leaves my bag. These are things that are used only when I travel so that I don’t have to pack and repack them for every trip. My Dove Advanced Care has racked up thousands of airline miles lol. I love thatDove Advanced Care Antiperspirant provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection, plus added skin care benefits for softer, smoother underarms.

Dove gave me the opportunity to utilize tips from Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba.  She points out that underarm skin is sensitive and an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Textures and fabrics can irritate the skin. Underneath all those layers, you’ll need a product that

keeps you hydrated and protected. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is formulated with moisturizers to help alleviate irritation and leave you with softer and smoother underarms.

Things I Can’t Travel Without – An Extension Cord

My biggest pet peeve is running all over a hotel room when it comes time to check out trying to collect all my electronics that I plunged into the outlets scarred all over the room. It might now seem like that big a deal but when I check out of a hotel it’s usually at the last possible minute and I’m scrambling to collect my things. You have no idea how many times I have run off and left my fitness tracker, or camera battery because it was plugged into an outlet behind a TV on near the floor. A portable expedition cord solves that problem. I like to get one with 4-5 outlets so I can plug everything in bedside so when it’s time to go I know exactly where my stuff is. Seriously it’s a life saver and you should have one.

Things I Can’t Travel Without – Backup Battery Power

I take a ton of pictures and video when I travel sometimes over over 1000 and I like posting to Instagram and snapchat right away. This means I can kill a cell phone battery in 2 hours flat. I don’t know what I would do without my backup power pack. Actually, I know exactly what I would do. Find myself searching for random outlets at cafes and train stations so I can plug in and change. Save yourself the headache and invest in a backup power pack. I travel with two. That’s enough to keep all my stuff charged no matter how much I’m using it.

Things I Can’t Travel Without – Good Shoe inserts

When I was in my twenties I could walk all over Manhattan in cheap shoes and still feel like a million bucks. Yea well, that stopped around 30. Now I need to make sure I have support at all times. First and foremost make sure you travel with comfortable shoes. And no, that does not mean flip flops and flat sandals. I’m talking gym shoes with good arch support. I also make it a point to pick up good insoles. These have come a long way over the years. Test out a few different brands until you find the one that makes you feel like you are floating own a cloud. Those are the keepers.

Things I Can’t Travel Without – A Day Bag With Lots of pockets

I used to take my backpack where I went but after traveling to a few countries with heavy pickpocketing (and losing a thing or two), that changed. I need my stuff in the front of me, not on my back where someone can take it. Recently I started using a cross body bag that I could wrap around my body and have my belongings sit in the front. When I am tracking in an area that is crowded I place my hand over the zipper so that if anyone reaches for something they are going to have to move my hands first. This also cuts down on the amount of stuff I would bring with me since I only have so much space. Another tip Dr Barba shared is stock up on sample size products.  Not only does this cut back on space need but it also makes getting through security a breeze.

Things I Can’t Travel WithoutThe next time you are making to it the road remember this list. It’s not much but these things can really make a huge difference on your trip. Plus I love that they don’t take up much space.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf ofDove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.