4 Tips For Traveling Without Your Pet

4 Tips For Traveling Without Your Pet

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Traveling without your pet

As many of you know, I travel often and it’s rare that I get to bring my dog, Skeeter, with me. Part of the responsibility that comes with having pets is making sure they’re taken care of when we can’t be home. I keep Skeeter safe and happy with these four simple tips. Traveling without your pet

1. Make sure to leave plenty of food. This is tip number one for me for several reasons. Playing around with Skeets food makes him anxious and really stresses him out. He has struggled with food allergies for as long as I can remember so after I finally discovered Petcurean SENSITIVITY + SHINE I vowed to never make changes to his food again. It took a little time for him to adjust but after a week I could see a drastic improvement in his skin and coat. For this reason, when I travel I make sure that if I have to leave him alone or in the care of someone else I leave specific instructions that they must use his food. Traveling without your pet

When it comes to leaving Skeeter alone, I also make sure he has enough food to cover all of the days I am gone plus 2 additional days. You never know when you may be delayed and are not able to make it back home in time. Skeeter is very good about monitoring his own food so I can usually leave out enough food for 3-5 days and he will eat until he’s full and walk away. My advice is it’s better to plan to leave too much, you won’t regret it! It’s always better to have food left over than to run out and send your caretaker scrambling to figure it out while you’re away or worse having them be forced to use food that your pet may be allergic to. Traveling without your pet

aveling without your pet

2. Make the right pet sitting arrangements. Beyond food, a big tip for me is making sure you line up the best care for your baby. The type of care you select will range based on your pets needs. For me, Skeeter dog actually does best at home, versus staying in a boarding facility. For this reason, when I travel I hire a dog walking company to visit twice a day to check on him. Traveling without your pet

They take him for a walk, refill his water, make sure he has food, and play with him for at least 30 minutes. While this works best for us, every family’s budget and their pets’ personalities are different, so explore all of your options. Maybe your dog can stay with a family member or friend, or maybe you can have someone stay at our place while you’re away. Still, other dogs do great in a boarding facility. Boarding facilities with veterinarian services are particularly helpful if you have an elderly or special needs dog. Traveling without your pet

3. Make sure he has his favorite toys. Dogs can get anxious in unfamiliar settings and/or with unfamiliar people. Skeeter likes to stay busy with toys that squeak, ropes he can chew and he likes toys that challenge him to get a treat out of the center. These keep him from getting into mischief due to boredom. Consider also sending an old t-shirt you’ve just worn with your dog if he won’t be staying at home, so he has something with your scent on it to comfort him. Traveling without your pet

4. Have an emergency plan. Things happen whether we’re home or not. Make sure the person taking care of your dog knows exactly who to call and/or where to take him in the event of an emergency. Let that person also know where you keep the cleaning supplies if the care will take place in your home, as well as any special instructions regarding your belongings or your pet’s medications. You should also plan for travel delays that could leave your dog without care altogether. Find out what will happen or what charges you’ll incur if you can’t make it back on time. Tell your neighbor or a friend that you’ll be gone, too, and provide them with a spare key in case they need to pop in and check on your furry family member. Traveling without your pet

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Traveling without your pet