Halloween can be a fun time of year for kids but it can also be scary if parents are not careful. To protect your kids this Halloween, check out these Halloween Safety Tips.

1. Pre-plan your Halloween home decor ideas keeping child safety in mind. Does anything have small removable pieces that can be swallowed? What about sharp edges? When planning Halloween decor, consider the age ranges of your kids.

2. Ensure that the Halloween costumes of your kids (and pets) are reflective and bright.

3. Make use of hypoallergenic and non-toxic makeup for Halloween and be sure to test in a small area before applying a face full of makeup.

4. Ensure that all wigs and costumes are flame retardant.

5. If you plan on having outdoor Halloween decorations then ensure that they are properly lit so visitors don’t fall, trip or run into anything.

6. The Halloween accessories that you use should be safe and free from hazards. Also, be careful to not tie anything around your child’s neck.