4 ways to dress up jeans and a  t-shirt

Is your go to outfit jeans and a nice t-shirt? Have you thought about adding some flare to it? Here's 4 ways to do just that!

Try Adding A Hat!

Whether it's a baseball hat or a sun hat, adding one of these gives your look that little "pazzaz" it needs!

We are LOVING Adding a stylish denim jacket to a casual look! Try it out!

Denim on Denim? Why not?!

Belts aren't just used for holding your pants up.. they can be used to help boost that look!

Add a brown or black belt!

Puttng a fun little scarf to your look makes the look just pop. Whether it's summer or winter, adding this to your look goes a long way

Add a floral scarf

Sandals have never looked better with a pair of jeans! Try it out for a comfy /stylish look !

Sandals with jeans.. WE LOVE IT!