Fall is in full swing and with the changing winds and autumn colors come the seasonal recipes. Eating the foods that remind us of the warm cozy fall feelings is a great way to get into the season and a great excuse to indulge in some sweet treats. It doesn’t have to be a big calorie bomb though, that’s what Thanksgiving and Christmas are for. Instead, I’d like to focus on some fall recipes that will make use of the apples that Reese and I will pick at Willowbrook Apple Farm.

Perfect for a fall-themed party this recipe is one that I can personally say is a crowd favorite. You’ll be lucky if there’s any left by the time the party’s over. Another bonus is that it is a super easy and simple recipe, simply buy the ingredients and assemble, no cooking or baking required.

This Baked Cinnamon Apple Chip recipe is super simple and only requires three ingredients. These make for a great on the go snack which is both delicious and healthy. They’ll last you throughout the week so it’s the perfect addition to your meal prep routine.

Here’s a little something for the adults because it’s not a top-five list unless there’s a drink recipe somewhere in there. For this list, I wanted to feature the caramel apple martini. A little sweet, a little bubbly, and very simple to make, this recipe is perfect for hosting a fall-themed get together.

This Chilled Sparkling Apple Cider recipe is great because it can be prepared with non-alcoholic apple cider to make for the perfect mocktail. Keep it simple or dress it up, this recipe is awesomely versatile and a great seasonal addition to your fall get-togethers.

Last but not least, Apple Fries with Caramel Pecan Dulce De Leche Cream Dip. So far these recipes so far have been fairly simple, this one, however, goes a little farther but is absolutely to die for. These are the apple fries with caramel pecan dulce de leche cream dip.