Holiday Baking with Kids


It’s an important time to teach kitchen safety and make age-appropriate rules for cooking in the kitchen to avoid burns and scalds.


Don’t leave kids unattended in the kitchen

You should always be there with your children when they’re in the kitchen. ALWAYS. This is especially true for the younger ones who don’t know what’s what. But even with Reese, I’m always there to keep her safe.


Put pots and pans on the backburner

Kids love to help and they also love to reach. While Reese is big enough to do more on her own, I always kept the stove going on the backburners only when she was first cooking and baking with me. It prevents burns from happening should something spill and keeps little hands from reaching up to touch hot burners and pull hot cookware off the stove.


Adults only when it comes to opening the oven

Ovens can cause serious burns to adults if they’re not careful opening it up. So when your child is baking cupcakes, like these ones Reese and I just made, keep your children out of the way when you open and close the oven, especially when it comes to taking food out of the oven.


Keep a lid or cookie sheet near buy

When you’re cooking, keep a lid or cookie sheet nearby to put out a potential fire. 47% of people skip this tip.


Teach microwave safety

Microwaves can be dangerous too if your child doesn’t understand how steam can burn. Show them how to carefully use it. If yours is mounted to the underside of the cabinets, do not allow your child to use it until they can reach it safely.

Show older kids how to use the kitchen responsibly

Make sure your big kids know how to use oven mitts and how to use the stove and oven safety. Don’t forget to teach them to never leave the kitchen while something is cooking either!