Holiday shopping is not for everyone which is why if you’re like most and plan on starting your shopping later, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Check out these Tips For Surviving Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

1. Don’t Wait If you’re reading this and haven’t started your Holiday shopping, log off and do it now. We’re only a few days into December which means you still have time to beat the crowds, catch some great deals and a lot of items are still in stock.

2. Order Online and Pickup In Store I am addicted to ordering online and picking up in store. I love that I can shop from my living room, don’t have to pay or wait for shipping and there’s no fighting the crowds. I get the same great deals and ...

3. Go Early If you can hit the malls at opening you’ll beat most of the crowds and it tends to not get busy until in the afternoon. That means parking won’t be a nightmare and finding someone to help you locate things won’t be as challenging.

4. Take a Friend When all else fails and you find yourself hitting the mall 2 days before Christmas, bring a friend. Having someone with you will make the shopping fun and productive. They can hold your spot in line while you keep browsing.