The World In Four Days is changing the way people travel. For people with careers, families, limited time and/or limited finances, taking weeks off to travel is simply not possible. We’ve carved out our own niche in the travel industry by catering to people who love to travel but do so in shorter blocks of time.

The World In Four Days focuses on short-term, domestic and international travel with the majority of our trips taking place in four days or less. We cover all areas of travel including air travel, cruising, bus and train travel, road trips and California-based staycations. We also touch on budget friendly travel as well as luxury travel.

We provide our readers with valuable content such as travel related news, travel itineraries, reviews on travel-related products and services, helpful tips and travel hacks, Our readers look to us for inspiration on where to travel, where to stay, what to do when they get there, and for our readers with children, kid-friendly travel ideas.

We also offer a unique perspective on family travel by incorporating the kid perspective. By including kid-centered reviews on travel destinations, parents are able to get a better understanding of what a location has to offer their family.


In January of 2017 we survived 2,000 of our readers and discovered:

  • They are 87% female and 13% male
  • Their ages range from 25-35 (22%), 35-45 (67%) and under 25 (11%)
  • Our readers are from all over the world with 66% from the United States, 12% from Canada
  • They travel often, with over 60% stating they take 3-4 trips per year.
  • 68% have traveled internationally and for those who haven’t 82% plan to in 2017.
  • 21% stated they travel with kids between the ages on 6-14
  • 11% stated they travel solo with kids between the ages of 6-14
  • 18% consider themselves budget travelers, 71% moderate and 11% luxury travelers
  • 96% stated they look to Blogs, YouTube, Instagram and Social Media influencers when planning trips

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